Enfield Button Co.

  • This is a self-initiated project to create a new brand.

  • The direction for the logo is to create a upscale feel with historical roots.

  • Challenge: Create a branded stationary system and hangtag.
  • Action: Using historical design influences, created a consisted visual
    treatment of letterhead, envelope, business card, and hang tag.

  • Challenge: To develop a promotional piece increase brand awareness.
  • Action: Created a custom-folding piece with a promotional sewing
    kit to extend the brand.

  • Challenge: To create an ad campaign to build brand awareness.
  • Action: Used rules of civil behavior to connect with the historical theme
    and portray an upscale image, while keeping to the brand styling.

  • Challenge: To extend brand identity to latest media devices.
  • Action: Developed a media App. that features daily reminders
    on the rules of civil behavior, while keeping to the styling
    of the brand.