• This is a rebranding of Lunaroma, a small essential oils and Homeopathic company. *self-initiated project

  • The new direction for the logo is to freshen the current mystic quality by creating a custom typeface that better fits the brand feeling, and to give the brand a cleaner, overall look while retaining a more intimate feel.

  • Challenge: To create a branded stationery system.
  • Action: Developed a label system that could be used for
    any stationery application.Used brown paper to carry the
    more intimate feel.

  • Challenge: Adapt label design to product packaging.
  • Action: Created various labels with color coordinating with product.

  • Challenge: To define an Internet presence by designing a branded website for Lunaroma.
  • Action: Created a visually interesting website by using new brand styling, clean,
    user-friendly layout and navigation.

  • Challenge: To extend brand identity to latest media devices.
  • Action: Developed a media App. that features a homeopathic
    remedy reference. Allowing user to quick search available
    natural remedies.